SBE Chapter 32 was formed to serve the broadcast community in the Tucson area. We are composed of members from all the broadcast mediums – Radio, Television, Cable, IT, Production and Print industries. We are here to support, educate and inform our members and the public about issues that concern our industries. Our regular monthly meetings are scheduled on the last Thursday of the month at various broadcast locations in the Tucson area. The monthly meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend, and be sure to bring a friend!  If you would like to be put on the mailing list for our monthly meetings feel free to email admin@sbe32.org to be put on the list.

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We always welcome new members as well as the transfer of membership to SBE Chapter 32. You can use the email tab to the left or contact us using this link. Please provide us your contact information and indicate that you wish to join or transfer membership.

Thank You Triveni Digital!

Ruben Azara presented to Tucson, Chapter 32 at our January 2018 meeting an overview on ATSC 3.0 that was really informative on the future of broadcast television!  Our members learned about the various changes in ATSC 3.0, standards, why we need this change and how it benefits the broadcaster.   ATSC 3.0 will allow broadcasters have a bandwidth pipe of up to 57 Mbps giving more flexibility to add additional content in HD and 4K with an immersive experience High Dynamic Range, Wide Colour Gammout and Dolby Atmos delivered to the home via a hybrid delivery platform.  Thank You, Ruben and everyone over at Triveni Digital for their support of SBE Chapter 32!

SBE Chapter 32 members learn more about how ATSC 3.0 will enable more flexibility to the broadcaster in our January 2018 meeting.